Press Reviews - Alexia Voulgaridou - Soprano
Alexia Voulgaridou shines in Cecilia Ligorio’s sumptuous production

The standout solo performance of the evening came from the Greek soprano, Alexia Voulgaridou, in the role of Amazily, whose expressive performance uncovered the nobility and suffering of her character. She possesses a richly colored voice, bright and luminous, but with dark undertones which enabled her to furnish her lines with emotional depth and honesty, which combined with her use of well-placed accents and dynamic variations captured the subtlety and nuance of her words. Her Act two aria, ”Dieu terrible! Pretre jaloux!” in particular, in which she rages against the priests who want her death was powerfully delivered, and showed off her voice in fine style.

Alan Neilson, Operawire, October 18, 2019

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